• A Remarkable Story

    'Doing the hard yards during one of Australia's most turbulent political eras'


Glenn Lazarus is one of the rugby league’s most capped players. His commitment to the game saw him achieve some of the game’s highest honours and set extraordinary records which are still yet to be broken. On retirement from the game, Glenn maintained his involvement through various levels of coaching and continued his involvement with the media. But retirement was not easy for Glenn, he battled with depression. In 2013, Glenn was approached by self titled billionaire Clive Palmer to join his new political party, the Palmer United Party. Along with Jacqui Lambie and Dio Wang, Glenn was elected to the Australian Senate to represent the people of Queensland and commenced his role as a Senator for the State of Queensland on 1 July 2014. The people of Australia were hungry for a fresh alternative in the political system, fed up with the rhetoric and spin of major parties. Palmer United, like several other minor parties, rode the wave of disillusionment into the Senate forming what has become known as the infamous crossbench. Prepared to stand up for his state and his values, Glenn resisted Malcolm Turnbull’s threats of a double dissolution and voted against the Australian Building and Construction Commission Bill which would have given drug dealers and terrorists more rights than workers in the building and construction sector. Glenn lobbied for the Bill to be expanded to become a national Corruption Watchdog to take in the actions of large scale building and construction companies and for changes to be made to the Bill to protect workers rights. Malcolm Turnbull refused and the rest is now history. Glenn shares his journey from rugby league into politics, providing extraordinary insights into the personalities involved, the rise and fall of Palmer United and what really happened behind the scenes. His story is remarkable.

I promised myself when I entered politics that I would never compromise my values, no matter what. Integrity can not be bought, but it is easily sold.
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