Political Achievements

On July 1, 2014 Glenn commenced in the Australian Parliament as a Senator for the State of Queensland. Leader of the Palmer United Party (PUP) in the Senate, Glenn formed part of the powerful PUP bloc along side Jacqui Lambie, Dio Wang and Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator, Ricky Muir.

It was not long before the Bloc crumbled and Jacqui and Glenn established their own parties and the alliance with the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party collapsed. Glenn established the Glenn Lazarus Team in July 2015.

As a Queensland Senator Glenn carved out an enviable record of achievements in the Senate under his own brand including:

  • Raising the plight of Australian farmers including dairy farmers and sugar cane growers being bullied, undercut and sent to the wall by foreign owned corporations;
  • Profiling the scourge of CSG in Queensland and the impact on landholders unable to say ‘no’ to mining companies coming on to their land;
  • Securing the reinstatement of annual funding to Queensland’s flagship Arthur Beetson Murri Rugby League Carnival – Australia’s largest ‘Alcohol, Sugar and Tabacco’ free sporting event;
  • Securing the reinstatement of funding over two years to The Big Issue’s Street Soccer Program’ to support homeless and disadvantaged people across Australia;
  • The establishment of a landmark Senate Inquiry into the Human Impact of Unconventional Gas Mining (including CSG);
  • The establishment of a Senate Inquiry into national registration of paramedics to assist the sector to achieve improved health profession status, national recognition as an occupation and improved pay and conditions;
  • The establishment of a Senate Inquiry into domestic smoke alarms to reduce the number of preventable deaths due to house fires and improve the standard of alarms stocked on Australian retail shelves;
  • The establishment of a Senate Inquiry into the need for a national approach to reduce alcohol fuelled violence and the coward punch;
  • The development of amendments to Legisation to stop the ‘sell off’ of Australian prime agricultural land by requiring all sales to foreign buyers to be assessed against Australia’s national interests. Unfortunately the Coalition, the Opposition and the Greens voted against the amendments; and
  • The development of numerous amendments and motions to advance the Australian maritime and shipping industry, improve border security and protect the welfare of ASIO and other officers, stop the reduction of the RET and protect the Australian aviation training industry and other specialist training industries.